Our Approach

Care homes are renowned for deciding what’s best for the residents they serve. People are often denied an opinion on how they live and as a result can become alienated and even institutionalised. At Harwood House we have rejected this approach.

We believe that it’s not possible to create a home that works well for residents unless they have a voice in the way it’s run. We’re here to deliver what residents want – not what we think they should want – and that means listening to their ideas.

That’s why we’ve developed a unique approach that encourages residents to participate fully in the running of the home. One of the ways this has been achieved is through a Residents’ Committee. This committee meets regularly and has complete independence from management. They decide on any changes they would like and communicate these to the management.
This is part of the person-centred approach that represents Our Grand Design, and we think it’s critical to delivering excellence. It’s about knowing and understanding individual resident’s interests, needs and desires and making sure that’s what we deliver. It’s also about recognising that change happens naturally and what satisfies today can alienate tomorrow. So we embrace change and encourage our residents to participate fully in the running of the home.