Financial Considerations

What is the cost of a care home?

“How much will a care home cost?”

It’s an important question for families and prospective residents considering the option of care.

Harwood House is a luxury care home based in Cookham Dean near Maidenhead and offers tailored, personalised care to ensure that the specific needs of each resident are met in full – there are no ‘off the shelf, one size fits all’ packages. 

This means that our care does not come in the form of ‘off the shelf’ packages.  We carefully and professionally assess each applicant and after that will quote for the individual care requirements. 

Is the cost of a Care Home all inclusive?

The fee quoted will be a fixed all-inclusive price, so you know how much the cost of a care home stay at Harwood will be, and you will be able to budget accordingly. 

We review our fees in July each year and for the last 10 years at least, the increase has been within 2.5% of the consumer price inflation.

What does the cost of a Care Home depend on?

The actual cost of a care home stay for each individual depends generally on the level of care required, and the size and outlook of the room chosen. Harwood House has five double occupancy suites, partners who want to stay together appreciate these as a perfect solution. Their financial responsibilities can also be shared. 

We will help you with every aspect of calculating the cost of a care home stay at Harwood House through an assessment of personal needs. Funding may also be available from Continuing Health Care.

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