Harwood House Life

There’s no great secret about what makes life at Harwood House so different from ordinary care and nursing homes.

Quite simply, everything we do is based on a very clear mission: to help older people and adults with chronic or critical illness live life well. It’s a mission that is every bit as relevant today as it has always been.

What does this mean in practice? No two people are exactly alike and no two residents need precisely the same service. Our person-centred approach enables Harwood House residents to maintain independence and dignity, even as their individual needs change.

Based on our belief that the people who live in Harwood House should be loved and cared for with the highest level of respect, we see three vital components in creating excellence in our nursing home; what we call Luxury Care:

  • Luxury Environment
  • Excellent Standard of Care
  • The Harwood House Life:
    • Companionship
    • Dining and Nutrition
    • Wellbeing Activities: Mind Body and Soul


Age UK have reported that more than a million elderly people in the UK describe themselves as being lonely. As loneliness can be a crucial factor in developing Alzheimer’s disease older people who report that they experience severe loneliness are twice as likely to develop the condition.

Today families no longer spend as much time together as they used to.  As we age, our social networks often fall apart, leaving us only the television and pets to keep us company. A fear of falling over, not being able to drive, can quickly make one feel a prisoner in one’s own home.

The benefits of companionship at Harwood House Care Home

Having someone to talk to, and interact with, can literally make your day. Knowing that someone will spend time with you acts as a powerful motivator to get up, bathe and get dressed in clean clothes. Reminiscing about days gone by, interacting with other people and passing on snippets of wisdom gained over a lifetime can all help you to re-engage with the world.

‘Use it or lose it’ applies to mental ability every bit as much as it applies to physical movement, and a stimulating and engaging conversation can quickly dispel the misery of loneliness. It’s not hard to see that a mind that isn’t exercised can soon start to atrophy, and once you have become steeped in loneliness, it can be difficult to raise interest in life again.