Care and Services

At Harwood House, the residential care or assisted living we provide is a cut above what you might expect in an ordinary care home for older people or those requiring palliative care.

For residents who require a greater degree of medical support, Harwood House is registered to provide nursing care.  For residents living with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, we provide dedicated dementia care.  For residents living with cancer or other chronic illnesses we provide dedicated palliative care. For residents who want to stay for a short period of time we provide respite care. The only difference is the length of your stay. We also provide a few places for people who want to enjoy the care, companions and activities at Harwood House without staying overnight and we call this day care.

Personalised, Individual Care

Whatever, level of care is needed, your move into Harwood House starts with an assessment of needs. We meet every resident and their family before the resident moves in — and at regular intervals after then — to define what level of care and service is most appropriate. All of this detailed information goes into a Personalised Care Plan that is monitored daily.

Luxury Care at Harwood House

Our residents are at the centre of all that we do. After all, it’s their home and they deserve a bit of luxury.  To enjoy the home comforts and lovely views over the gardens. In assisted living or our nursing, dementia or palliative care services we aim always for excellence for all however long their stay. Harwood House Life’s mission is to help older people and adults with chronic and critical illnesses live life well

Our People who work in Harwood House

They are the reason for our good reputation. Passionate, skilled and always approachable, they’re popular with our residents and respected by their families and medical professionals. The Named Care Provider practice at Harwood House means that each resident receives consistent care from the one caregiver. They are compassionate, well trained and always ready to offer a helping hand or listening ear.  The Named Care Provider encourages the  independence of the resident, gives them pastoral support, respects their dignity and keeps in touch with family members.