End of Life Care at Harwood House Luxury Care Home

What is end of life care?

End of life care involves treatment, care and support for people who are nearing the end of their life, it’s an important part of palliative care.

Who can get end of life care?

It’s for people who are thought to be in the last year of life, but this timeframe can be difficult to predict. Some people might only receive end of life care in their last weeks or days. 

End of life care aims to help you to live as comfortably as possible in the time you have left. It involves managing physical symptoms and getting emotional support for you and your family and friends. You might need more of this type of care towards the end of your life.

End of life care also involves talking to you and your family and friends about what to expect towards the end of your life. The people looking after you will talk to you about your needs and wishes, and make sure they consider what you want in the care they provide. 

Source Marie Curie

End of Life Care at Harwood House Luxury Care Home

Ultimately, we all want to end our lives in quiet dignity, free from pain, in a place where we feel at home, surrounded by family or friends. 

At Harwood House, our palliative care services are provided with the care, compassion and professionalism that both the resident and their families need during this final challenge in life.

The final stages of one’s life can be even more of an emotionally overwhelming experience for the family of someone with late-stage dementia or a terminal illness. 

At such times our team works with hospices and other professionals as needed to provide a calming environment for the resident relieving suffering as much as possible.

To find out more about end of life care and services at Harwood House or to book a grand tour of the home, please contact us. 

View a testimonial from a daughter of a resident who experienced end of care at Harwood House

The palliative care my mother received in the last days of her life was exceptional. It was a great comfort to me that she was looked after with such care. All the staff, without exception, were compassionate and concerned and at the same time efficient, looking after her physical needs to keep her clean and comfortable. They all went the extra mile … Our grateful thanks to everyone involved in her care.

Daughter of a Resident