Post Operative Care

Post Operative Care is ideal for a short stay at Harwood House (less than a month) when you need additional care and support to recover your health following a recent operation or medical treatment.

What does Post Operative include?

At Harwood House, we believe that each resident should have personalised care that meets their specific needs and desires.

Instead of a one-size-fits-all offering, we consider the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and tailor the post operative care accordingly.

This includes:

  • Full personalised assessment of a prospective resident’s care needs
  • The personalised care plan delivered by trained team members
  • Being encouraged to stay active, make new friends, nurture interests and pursue new activities
  • Access to all the public areas in the community as well as the grounds and gardens
  • Enjoying freshly prepared, balanced and nutritious meals and drinks
  • Access to our spacious, wheelchair-friendly gardens
  • A fully furnished room complete with ensuite facilities
  • All the activities they choose to enjoy.

What are the benefits of Post Operative Care?

Post operative care has clear benefits for the person being cared for and their family, friends and carers.

For those receiving care, a post operative care stay can:

  • provide time and space to recover your health
  • speed up longer term recovery
  • deliver targeted medical support when you need it most
  • keep you safe outside a hospital environment
  • take the pressure off managing day to day life, making meals, cleaning and doing the laundry
  • give you a change of scenery and improve your general wellbeing
  • offer you a chance to meet new people, take part in different activities and, perhaps, learn something new

For family, friends and others post operative care provides the opportunity to:

  • give you the peace of mind your relative or friend is being properly cared for
  • take the time you need for work, hobbies or relationships
  • look after your own mental and physical health

How much does Respite Care cost?

This will vary according to the length of stay, level of care needed and type of living arrangement. We will provide you with a personalised cost on request.

View a testimonial from one of our residents who has experienced Harwood House Respite Care…


“I was quite unwell when I arrived at the Harwood House from hospital. I soon realised the home was a clean, caring and loving home where the staff are both friendly and eager to do their best for you. The facilities at Harwood House are able to cater for all our needs, medical or social. Harwood is a beautiful, efficiently run care home.” A RESIDENT