Assisted Living

Our assisted living services are all about treating each and every resident as an individual. We do our best to understand our residents’ needs, preserve their dignity and respect their independence. In this way we create a real sense of home.

Assisted Living is for those who value their independence, but need some help with day-to-day activities, such as dressing, bathing or taking medication. The level of care and support will depend on individual needs. Those benefitting from assisted living enjoy full access to all the social activities available each day in Harwood House.

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Around the country, there are tens of thousands of residential care homes for older people. What makes Harwood House so special?

Assisted Living at Harwood House Luxury Care Home

We treat each and every resident as an individual.

Whether you need support or not, the compassionate care team are committed to helping residents and family members by providing comfort, security, life enrichment and care within a safe, vibrant and uplifting environment.

As part of the process of moving in, we have in depth discussions with each resident and their family to obtain a detailed picture of each resident’s needs, hobbies, interests, wishes and feelings. This ensures that we can fulfil the holistic needs of our residents.

By preserving dignity, respecting independence and promoting life enrichment, we help to create a real sense of home.

Have a look at our Assisted Living testimonials from those who have experienced Harwood House…


Harwood House is without doubt ‘gracious living’. It does what it says on the tin and provides residents with a place they can call home. There is no better accolade than to hear your loved one say every time you see them or ring them… “I’m so happy here!” It is a great relief that we can totally rely on the staff to provide the best level of care and attention.

Nephew of resident

I visit Harwood House on a regular basis and have done for over ten years. I have always been impressed by the very high standards and overall atmosphere that Harwood House is now the ‘home’ of the residents and that every need must be met on an individual basis.