Day Care

Day Care at Harwood House

Day Care at Harwood House is a great option when you want to enjoy the companionship, wellbeing & activities and food at Harwood House without staying overnight.

What does Day Care include at Harwood House?

At Harwood House, we believe that each person being cared for should have personalised care that meets their specific needs and desires. 

Instead of a one-size-fits-all offering, we consider the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing and tailor the day care accordingly.

Day Care can include:

  • full personalised assessment of a prospective person’s care needs
  • the personalised care plan delivered by trained team members
  • encouraging residents to stay active, make new friends, nurture interests and pursue new activities
  • access to all the public areas in the community as well as the wheelchair friendly grounds and gardens
  • freshly prepared, balanced and nutritious meals and drinks
  • all activities they choose to enjoy.

What are the benefits of Day Care at Harwood House?

Day Care has clear benefits for both carers and the person being cared for.

For carers, day care provides the opportunity to:

  • take the time you need for shop, work, hobbies or relationships
  • look after your own mental and physical health

For those receiving care, day care can:

  • provide a change of scenery, which often improves wellbeing and mood
  • offer a chance to meet new people, take part in different activities or learn something new
  • serve as a trial stay to see if we could be an option for respite or longer-term living

To find out more about our day care services or to book a grand tour of Harwood House Luxury Care Home, please contact us